Thing 4 Blogging

I am a lucky teacher.  I work in the Davis Learning Center which is basically a Language Arts resource room.  I have the most adorable second and third grade students who leave their homeroom class to come to me for LA.  Until today, I have never considered blogging to be a teaching tool.  Yes, many of my friends have blogs. They post about their political views, children, trips, trials, comedy routines etc. Sometimes, so many come to my inbox in a week that I just push delete.  Before today, I thought blogs were just for people with opinions.

After completing the reading for this week’s lesson and looking at more than a few blogs, I decided that blogging could be great for teachers.  It would be a way to share ideas, lessons, and experiences with people inside and outside our local area.  Also, the comments provide feedback and discussions.  I also see how valuable they can be for middle and high school students.  But for elementary students???

However, after reading Langwitches by Sylvia Rosenthal Tolisano, I began to think that blogging might have a purpose in the lower school classroom.  She made me think that blogging could be great for reluctant writers.  Using a blog for writing would give them an authentic learning activity.  They could get feedback from students in class, in school, in metro Atlanta and beyond.  I think that this could just be the ticket to engage a student who thinks writing is only for the teacher.  Then, I read a blog of third grade teacher, Mark Edtech who was using DEAR time let his students read blogs.  Hold the phone!! I teach students with learning difficulties.  It is my job to get them to read books!!  While I do enjoy reading news online and blogs of friends, I am still unsure of using DEAR time for blog reading.  I understand that reading is the ultimate goal, sometimes comic books are the spark that gets children reading.  While blogs could be the spark, when, where and how do you make the transition from blogs to literature??  Maybe DEAR blog Friday once a month would be fun. The jury is still out on that one; however, it is food for thought.  In the spirit of a growth mindset, maybe Blog DEAR Friday would be a great way to kick off a new year!