Thing 20

When I saw the topic of this weeks assignment, I was afraid.  I have done this whole class on a Google Chrome net book. I am very familiar with Google Drive.  However, the last time I really tried to use this was a few years ago.  It was slow and glitchy.  I am so pleased to see that it is one million times better!!!  I enjoyed the forms option and the presentation option. Last year, my son used Google Drive to work with his writing tutor.  They were able to work together on a document.  She would place notes on things that needed improvement during the week. They would revisit the document on Sunday when the were together.  I would love to use Google Docs for our Young Author’s Book this year.  Last year, I saved everything to a flash drive. It worked fine but was cumbersome and I was afraid the students would lose it going back and forth from school.  This year, I could save to Google Documents.  The kids could work on it at home or school with ease.  Also, I could insert comments!!  We can do the entire writing process right on the screen! I can’t wait to try this. Also, I would love for my kids to work as a team on a presentation, perhaps for a book report.  One child could do the beginning, another the middle and another, the end.  They could work on it as a center activity in my classroom.  If a student chose to do a presentation at home, they could easily share it with me to show on the smart board at school.  Finally, I am intrigued by the forms section.  I wonder, could I make a test on forms that kids could do on the computers???  Cool Stuff!

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