Thing 23

Wow!  I can’t believe it’s over.  I learned so much this summer.  I enjoyed testing new apps for classroom use, learning to embed video, starting to blog, and learning how to connect with millions of teachers all over the US and the world.  I will definitely continue to read weekly.  I have enjoyed the blog posts and the articles.  Sometimes teaching is a lonely profession as we are in a classroom alone for many hours of the day.  Yes, the students are there, but no other adults.  This class has shown me that other educators are just a click away ready to share and interact with me.  We should all be using wikis!! They are great especially for upper grades!!  I am learning that Twitter is much more useful than following celebrities. I am also going to teach my students to be good digital citizens.  They may know more about technology than I do but it is my job to make sure they are safe, and knowledgeable when using all forms of technology.  I will have my students use Common Core pictures in our class.  I will no longer promote “stealing” from Google images.  ( I did not even know It was stealing!!”  We have completed week one at school.  I tweeted a picture of my class eating dirt cups we did as part of a Judy Blume lesson.  Baby steps but here we go!

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